One day, I was lying on my bed, blindly staring at my bookcase, thinking of ideas for composites, but it was hard to come up with any ideas. Moments later, staring at that bookcase an idea sparked. The exact same one you can see here. I jumped out of bed, placed a table in the middle of my room and started stacking books on top of it. The funny thing about it, was that I only had ten books that looked exactly the same, but thankfully, my friend Photoshop was able to help me out with that.
This image is composed of 266 layers and took around a month to finish. Again, as with my last composite, at times I found myself banging my head against the wall, waiting for my ancient computer to make up it’s mind, whether it’s going to crash or apply the 0,6 pixel gaussian blur that I told it to apply 15 minutes ago.