juuli 3, 2016

I like to think ahead. Usually, before going to a shoot, I have a rough idea of what I want to capture and how I intend to achieve that. This was not one of those times. When I met up with Kaia, the model in the picture, I hadn’t thought about anything. We arrived at the studio and I started slowly setting up my lighting while having a chat with her.

Once I thought I was done with setting up, I asked her to sit down for some test shots. I took a shot and… The light looked horrible. No matter what I tried, my lights would not cooperate with me. So, we took a little break, cooked some food, ate and while we were doing that, I was trying to come up with something new.

Having finished my food, I tore down the old setup and created a new. This time, when I told her to sit infront of the camera, I noticed how much more comfortable she seemed infront of it. After a few brief adjustments, we were finally ready to start shooting.

In the beginning, I thought this was going to be just another quick shoot. Meet up with a model or a friend, set up the lighting, take a few pictures and finish within two hours. However, it took nearly a whole day to get this shot.

Most of the time I work with non-professional and unexperianced models, who have maybe never even been in a proper studio so it can be quite intimidating for them. The same happened with Kaia. She was very intimidated by all of the studio equipment and when she sat infront of the camera for the first time, she tensed up. She even told me that watching me set it all up was a bit scary. However, after a bit of goofing around, chatting, cooking and eating, she begun to loosen  up and we managed to get this shot.

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