How creative retouching can save an image

juuli 18, 2014

We never have the perfect shooting conditions or subject. Sometimes it is impossible to get a perfect image in-camera. That is why I believe knowing your way around in photoshop is essential to every photographer.

A while back I shot this image of a rum cake. It wasn’t a perfect subject, but it had the potential for one. After I was finished shooting, I went ahead and opened the image in photoshop. I applied some creative retouching on it (liquify, curves, ect), and what I ended up with was a nearly perfect rum cake, which looked delicious.


Another instance where I used Photoshop to capture something impossible, was when I was shooting athletes at night. It would have been impossible to capture this image in-camera, as the exposure would have been around 2 seconds. So, I made two exposures, one with natural light for the background, and another of the athlete with strobes. Later I combined the two images together in Photoshop to create something extraordinary.


Photoshop is an amazing tool. There is no limit for what you can do with it. It could be used for simple life saving composits or even to create something completely out of this world, something that would be completely impossible to capture in-camera.

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Rey Cuba

september 9, 2014 by Rey Cuba

It is amazing what a talented photographer made, thanks for sharing it. I am still on the way of getting a better approach to my photo´s edition.

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